The Melgarejo family’s olive oil mill is located in the province of Jaén, Spain and it can be traced back to 1780. Over the past 200 years, the family has developed a highly qualified professional oil team, passing on their knowledge from generation to generation. They have followed a rigorous tradition which they have combined with innovative technology to provide top quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) for their customers.

  The excellent quality of Melgarejo’s EVOO stems from the special climate and soil conditions of their olive groves. The rich inheritance of how to make oil and the unique terroir turn out to be the key elements in producing a high-quality product. Furthermore, the Melgarejo family has long been committed to the quality and safety of their products. They include the estate’s olive trees in a traceable agriculture products’ system. Besides, all of the production process has followed the food safety management system, from harvesting, processing, packaging and sales. The mill’s work has gained widespread international recognition.

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