Casas de Hualdo

  Casas de Hualdo is located on the banks of the Tagus River. It´s geographical location and climatic conditions make it the optimal area to grow olives. On top of that, the diversity and balance of the environment ensures a virtuous cycle of ecology. Year after year, in this blessed and graceful land, Casas de Hualdo strives to produce this precious golden liquid using the most advanced production and refinement processes.

  A conventional olive oil mill will typically extract the oil from the olives within 24 hours. However, Casas de Hualdo is committed to completing the oil obtaining process within 6 hours of harvesting! The freshly picked olives are still “alive” when they arrive at the mill, and the whole process of crushing is carefully monitored to avoid any possibility of fermentation. From the planting of olives to the mechanical process of making oils, the mill rigorously controls every step of the production process to maintain the highest possible standards. All of this reflects their enthusiasm and passion for the product.

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