Our passion towards the land and its product 

From the beginning, we were intrigued and seduced by the rich and culturally diverse traditions that have become interwoven into the vibrant fabric of modern-day SpainAround 750 BC, the cultivation of olives and grapes began on the Iberian Peninsula. Over the past centuries, different kinds of oil mills and wineries have emerged and have come to be the synonymous with Spain. The high-quality olive oil and wine produced are internationally renowned and evoke the unique feeling of Spanish life. 


Mediterranean diet and lifestyle  

In 1993, Dr. Walter Willett of Harvard University first proposed the Mediterranean diet pyramid model. This diet has become the benchmark for healthy eating and is still widely considered to be an excellent way of maintaining good health and promoting long life. The Mediterranean diet reflects the unique climate and agronomy of the region, and it is also related to the lifestyle that has evolved over the many centuries. In addition to providing the best agricultural products for everyone, Jo’s Vino wants to give you the beautiful Mediterranean style, and bring the elements and atmosphere of this precious region to your home.